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Locational Convenience

483 George St
90 Swanston St
64 Adelaide St

483-George-St tinified
90-Swanston-St tinified
65-Adelaide-St tinified

It just works

Urbern works on the data provided by Google Maps.
So if you could find the address that interests you, then it works on Urbern.

Locational convenience in a number

Urbern combines large amount of nearby business information and unique algorithm to calculate a number between 0-10 indicating how convenient the place is.

Amenities within 1km

Amenities located within 1km radius of your interested address, along with their ratings and reviews.

Notion of Influence

An amenity could have either positive or negative influence among the neighbourhood, all reflected in public’s reviews & ratings

Proprietary algorithm

Developed by Data Scientists at Urbern, the algorithm is therefore applied to process large amount of real-time data.

Built on Google

Urbern applies Google Colab for Proof of Concept,
Flutter & Android Studio for Development,
Google Map SDK for data ingress,
Firebase for storage, and much more.

Because Google empowers what we love at Urbern.

URBERN ABN 38640412666

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