Location intelligence, Convenience Rating at 483 George Sydney, NSW, Australia

Choosing the right place

We started building the standardised rating system for locations for our best friends – a married couple who were looking to buy a home.

After shortlisting a few places, they found themselves in heated discussions about which location was more convenient than others, and they were on the verge of breaking down multiple times. 

They are not alone.

Urbern is here to tackle this exact challenge – make the incomparable comparable, similar to a person who has their credit rating, now each unique location (not a suburb or a block of areas) has its location rating.

So that you could love the places you live

Location intelligence, Loading Screen at 483 George Sydney, NSW, Australia

Urbern looks for adjacent amenities around the location, categorises their types, scales their reviews and calculates the convenience rating in less than 8 seconds.

We’ve gone the extra mile

Unlike others, We’ve made the simplest location intelligence available in pocket size. so when you arrive at a place you like the next time, you could pull out your mobile device and know precisely how convenient the place is.

We’ve got a long way ahead of us

We are not stopping here, we know we are far away from being complete, and we need your help – please share with us your most painful experience when you were assessing a location or comparing multiple places.

It could be relocating to a city, but not knowing where to stay; deciding on the dream home, but having a serious doubt; moving into a place, but being judged for the wrong choice.

We would like to hear your story, so we could build a better future together.

A future where data analytics will no longer be a privilege of the enterprises.

A future where data science will be affordable, convenient, relevant for everyone who has a mobile device.

A future where the world will benefit from the data, rather than being leveraged by the data.

If you like to share a thought with me or know more about the progress, please schedule time with me.

Let us keep you posted

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